Why create Reya Network

Reya Network is not another generalisable L2. It’s also not another unsubstantial hype-narrative. Instead, we solve real problems in DeFi scaling that can’t be addressed through generalisable designs. As a team of DeFi OGs, we know what these problems are. And best of all, we’ve figured out how to solve them.

The most significant limitation for DeFi scaling is the mass liquidity fragmentation that has emerged, where each new exchange built on a generalisable rollup competes for a limited supply of liquidity.

This leads to shallower markets across all exchanges, hurting traders and market participants. Generalisable designs also inherit issues such as front-running, and harmful-MEV and have performance limitations due to the inability to parallelise execution.

Reya Network shifts the paradigm of how we think about scaling. We believe networks don’t need to be generalisable, but instead can be optimised for a single use case. By focusing on a single use case, we move beyond technical improvements only, and also focus on financial logic and liquidity. Hence Reya Network focuses on DeFi trading by optimising for the three pillars of Liquidity, Capital Efficiency and Performance.

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