The boosts are layered over the XP-accrual mechanisms as a way of rewarding special or early contributions, keep engagement, or boost incentives generally if needed without changing the basic mechanisms directly. Essentially, the boosts multiply the amount of XP awarded and/or accrued on the corresponding XP earning mechanism, the exception being the action-based liquidity one.

Boosts for…Network Liquidity (LPs)Trading

Action based

- 1-3x boost locked on deposit

- single trade boost 1x-100x

Holding based

- 1x-10x boost valid for 48h

- potential future addition

Boost mechanics

Action-based boosts

Earning a boost for trading

For a limited number of trades each day, users can draw a special boost that applied to the notional match XP earned on that trade. For example, if a user draws a 10x boost, they will earn 5% of the notional of that trade in XP, rather than the base 0.5%. Since boosts range from 1x to 100x, users might actually get up to 50% of notional back in XP on each trade. Between the opening and closing trade, users can actually get up to 100% of notional back in XP.

Earning a boost for depositing

Each time a user deposits, they can draw a random 1x-3x boosts that applies to their deposit accrual on that portion or tranche of their deposit*.* Regardless of what boost is drawn for the new tranche, the older ones retain their respective ones; in particular, the special LGE boosts of up to 10x will be kept on LGE deposits.

You can easily compute your XP accrual by computing you capital weighted average boost, and applying it to the accrual rate. For example, if you deposited 10,000 rUSD during LGE and locked a boost of 10x boost and now deposit 5,000 rUSD and draw a 2x boost, then your average boost is calculated as:


With this boost, the XP you would accrue each minute would be:

7.3×0.001×15,000=109.5XP7.3\times 0.001\times 15,000 = 109.5\mathrm{XP}

Note, however, that while any XP you accrue are yours forever, you lose your boost permanently as soon as you withdraw any part of your deposit. For example, suppose that in the situation above you withdraw 5,000rUSD. The XP you accrue each minute is then just the base amount:

0.001×10,000=10XP0.001\times 10,000 = 10\mathrm{XP}

Furthermore, even if you deposit more funds, the boost will apply only to the new funds. For example, if you now deposited 5,000rUSD and earned a 3x boost, because of the withdrawal, your average boost would be

1×10,000rUSD+3×5000rUSD15,000rUSD=1.7× \frac{1×10,000\mathrm{rUSD}+3×5000\mathrm{rUSD}}{15,000\mathrm{rUSD}}=1.7×

and the XP you would accrue each minute would then be

1.7×0.001×15,000=25.5XP1.7\times 0.001\times 15,000 = 25.5\mathrm{XP}

Holding boosts

Earning a boost for holding an LP deposit

Every 48h, users can draw a random boost ranging from 1x to 10x which applies to the entirety of their LP deposit, on top of your average boost over all tranches (see above). This boost introduces an element of randomness which can be a boost for smaller but consistent depositors.

Following from the example above, if you draw a 5x boost when your average boost was 7.3x, the amount of XP you would accrue every minute for the following 48h would be

(5+7.3)×0.001×15,000=184.5XP(5+ 7.3)\times 0.001\times 15,000 = 184.5\mathrm{XP}

Earning a boost for holding exposure

No boosts can currently be earned on the XP you accrue over your exposure. These will be considered in the future, according to how OI progresses, and user feedback on risk management tools.

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