Ranks and Seasons

Ranks are used to determine rewards and voting power for governance votes (in the short term). What matters is your finishing Rank at the end of the Season. To progress through Ranks you must earn XP relative to other users.

Weekly Ranking Events

This is the opportunity to level your Rank up (or down). The weekly ranking event will occur each Monday @ Midday GMT after the RRE. At the Weekly Ranking Event, the top and bottom 10% of wallets per Rank are levelled up or down. While the rankings change weekly, ultimately only snapshots at special, pre-announced times will be used for rewards distribution. This means that time is naturally organized in ‘seasons’, the time between different snapshots during which no rank is really final.

The image below illustrates this for the Season OG. This season also includes the Rank Reveal Event with the very first user ranking.

Users will level up or down based on their XP at the end of the week, relative to others in their Rank. Thus, if a Season has 10 weeks following the RRE, a user can start at Rank 10 and get promoted to Rank 1 by the end of the Season. What’s nice about this mechanism is that week-on-week users will compete with other users of similar rank to come top vs. a broader leaderboard where one may compete against whales week-on-week to come top.

You can see information on the current Rankings on the Reya Network Leaderboard.


Seasons take place over multiple weeks. Season OG started at the LGE and will end on 30th June 2024. Within Season OG there is a Rank Reveal Event — which defines your starting Rank — and weekly ranking events where you can level up or level down your Rank. If you’re looking to maximise rewards, the objective is to finish the season at the highest rank — Rank 1 (Alpha) — with the most XP possible.

  • The first Season — Season OG, Delos — started at the LGE and will conclude at the end of June 2024. The very first ranking was determined on this season, at the Rank Reveal Event: OG users had the opportunity to start at any Rank. New users will start at Rank 10. The next Season will start on 1st July 2024.

  • Rewards are determined at the end of the season based on the Season’s snapshot of your Rank, as well as your XP.

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